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Another one of those surveys

I changed a couple of headers because there was a bit too much overlap.

10 Things You Want For Christmas:

An official pardon
An invisibility gadget
A bottle of Best Old Lindor Brandy
Kerril in red fur
Peace in the galaxy (He says piously. Well, worth a try, never know Who's listening...)
A nice lie in
A slap-up five-course meal I have to loosen my belt after
A really fast stardrive
A holiday on Gardenos or Del 10
Servalan's obituary

9 Musicians / Bands You Love:

Blake Hole (they're even naming bands after us!)
U7 (see?)
Travis and the Tribbles (look, credit where credit's due)
Hotblack Desiato (they'll rock your planet)
Gravity Well (excellent heavy metal)
The Throatsingers of Betafarl (their basses are almost subsonic. Great rumble.)
Jefferson Spaceship (I do like the classics)
Le Grande et les Petits Chanseurs (except when they have accordions)
Bercol and Rontane (nice gentle folk melodies with biting lyrics)

8 Things You Do Every Day:

Tease Avon
Have a nap
Practise opening locks (usually Avon's)
A stint on the flight deck
Test the neutron blasters
Have a nice sit down and a cup of tea
Check the wanted lists
Tease Avon again

7 Things You Enjoy:

Cheesy toast
A nice lie in
Decent booze (at least three days old)
A good game of chess
A really challenging lock
Teasing Avon

6 Things You Couldn't Live Without:

A bit of friendly company
Some locks to open

5 Things You Dislike:

Cleaning the glycolene tanks
Being shot at (it's even worse without the "at")
Being teleported somewhere unpleasant
Being ignored
The dark

4 Smells You Enjoy:

Hot toast

3 Places You Want To Go:

Del 10

2 Holidays You Love:

The festival of light
Federation Day (Look, everyone's out; best day for hitting the Alpha levels, that.)

1 Person You Would Marry On The Spot:

Kerril! And what spot? I cleaned up that spilt A&S stain.

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