Vila Restal (vila_restal) wrote,
Vila Restal

A meme about ancient vids

From my friend Zoe, some two-way choices.

Dr Who or Captain Jack Harkness?
The Doctor! I'd feel safer with him.

Sam or Dean?
Don't watch shows about the occult unless they're funny. They give me the willies.

Superman or Batman?
Superman. I suppose everyone dreams of flying.

Buffy or Willow?
Willow. I think she'd like me more than Buffy would.

Quentin or Barnabus?
No idea. And is he the size of a bus or a barn? Unfortunate name.

Peter or Neal?
Neal! A chap after my own heart, and I'd quite like to get into forgery. Mind you, I wouldn't mind being nicked by a decent bloke like Peter.

Duncan or Methos?
No idea. Duncan? It's a friendlier name.

Kirk or Picard?
Picard. Not so gung-ho and keen on himself.

Shawn or Gus?
Gus. I don't know why he puts up with Shawn.

Ivanova or Delenn?
Ivanova. Bit more human, metaphorically too.

John or Paul?
You mean the Beatles? John. Paul turned out a right bastard.

Fred or Barney?
Barney. More to the point, Wilma or Betty? Betty, I think.

Stones or Beatles?

I'd have gone for more variety there; As it is, I cut out the extra Buffy questions and added some of my own.
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