Vila Restal (vila_restal) wrote,
Vila Restal

One of those survey memes

Oh look, a meme. Most of these are too personal and far too long, but this one seems all right.

Spouse? Yes, please!

Your hair? Could do with more of it.

Your mother? Is very proud of me. But I suppose she has to be, really.

Your father? Never met the bloke.

Your favourite thing? Having fun. Covers a lot, that.

Your dream last night? Had cats eating fish, and a miniature Avon trapped under a flower pot. Dreams never make sense.

Your favourite drink? Adrenaline and soma. Leaves you relaxed yet alert. :-)

What room are you in? My cabin.

Your hobby? Annoying Avon.

Your fear? Being alone and unwanted.

Where do you want to be in 6 years? Alive and wanted. In the right way of course.

Where were you last night? On the flight deck mostly. Avon was mucking about with a gadget; how could I resist?

Something that you aren't? A hero.

Muffins? You offering me some, or talking about the ones I'm sitting on?

Wish list item? Safety.

Last thing you did? Had some breakfast (huevos rancheros and coffee) while watching a Galactic Cup game.

What are you wearing? A rather nice brown suede outfit: soft and huggable and comforting just like me. Interested? What are you wearing?

TV? You mean vid? And what about it?

Pets? I would but it's not really fair on them what with people firing at us all too frequently. I would worry about them.

Friends? Yes, please!

Your life? Will be a long and happy one, I hope.

Your mood? Poised for fun.

Missing someone? Not recently. I'm a good aim on the old neutron blasters.

Drinking? I do, yeah!

Your vehicle? Deep space.

You are not wearing? What a silly question. Lots of things of course: thigh boots, fishnet tights, a lacy corset. tight leather. Can't speak for Avon of course.

Your favourite store? Amagon.

Your favourite colour? Brown.

When is the last time you cried? Forgotten

Where do you go over and over? My cabin, flight deck, galley, it's a dull life except when we're being shot at.

Five people who email me regularly? Mum, Avon, Detective Haskell who didn't get his man i.e. me, Amagon, Servalan (unfortunately).

My favourite place to eat? The galley.

Favourite place I'd like to be right now? Lindor. Mmmm, chocolate, ice cream, and safety.

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