Vila Restal (vila_restal) wrote,
Vila Restal

Alternate universes or realities or whatever

Apparently there's this thing going round where you say where in history or fiction you'd like to be. I'm not sure I can think of any one place that would suit everyone so I thought I'd do people separately.

Blake - Any revolution'd do him! The Russian one, French, fighting beside Che Guevara, you name it.

Jenna - a girls' own ripping yarn with adventure, smugglers (probably actually including Jenna), excitement, and horses with flowing manes and possibly fetlocks. Whatever they are.

Avon - I think he'd like to be a detective where he can show off his brilliant and deductive mind. Or going by his liking of weapons and that thing he does with his hand when he's firing one, I think he fancies being in a western. So maybe a brilliant detective but In The West.

Gan - Bit too late for Gan, but one of those long-running family sagas with lots of relatives and kids. He'd've liked that.

Cally - She's the only one I could see in a fantasy world with magic and swords and all that, but not one of those tired old ones full of aristocrats whose blood somehow matters. [rolls eyes] She's a revolutionary in her own right so make her a warrior relying on her own mighty skills and magic, not whether her ancestors managed to get their grabby hands on some land or a kingdom.

Dayna - a super-hero who fights for right, justice, and the galactic way. Not that there is one but you know what I mean: a world with black and white good and evil, and lots of powerful ordinance for her to play with. Maybe even planet-busters as a special treat.

Tarrant - now there's a pirate going by all those tunic-rippers he reads. He'd like to be the dashing and dread pirate Tarrant standing proudly on his ship, curly locks and sleeves blowing in the wind, a cutlass in his belt, and a well-built female pirate with long red hair at his side. (I hope he doesn't see this.)

Soolin - now she's a hard one. it would be easy to say some sort of spy and assassin thing, but she was forced into that, you know. I've seen the pictures she paints and the stuff she reads so I'd make her a university don back before the domes who just happens to occasionally fight crime or code-break for the government.

And me? Somewhere safe and fun and very comfortable, thank you very much. I'd rather like to be a gentleman thief in the south of France, preferably between any of those old wars. Maybe in Raffles' time or the 20s and 30s.

I can dream.

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