December 23rd, 2003



I've found Orac! He seems to be still on Gauda Prime and calling himself superior_system. Typical. Avon's off kicking our navigation computer because I set it to go to Freedom City and locked the course in.

[thinks] Shall I tell him, about Orac I mean, and risk going back to GP to get it? Or even worse, risk having that plastic box of bolts on our new ship Mumak? I mean, he's a bad-tempered little rat-in-a-box, and he almost got me spaced over Malodar. And if he hadn't told Slave to shut up, we mightn't have been shot down over GP.

No, I think I'll just keep quiet. We're almost at Freedom City. I always fancied a trip back there. After what happened last time though, we're going disguised as Amagon pirates, flowing robes and headdresses and all.

Mind you, Orac was very useful last time.


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