December 24th, 2003



I've found Tarrant! Or at least he's found me. Or maybe Orac did. And Avon's found Blake! They're on Gauda Prime as del_tarrant and roj_blake.

So I don't feel quite so bad about going back there now. Just mildly terrified and, um, poised for action.

I wonder if anyone else survived.

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Mumak Log 2

Which is funny really, seeing as our cargo hold is full of pine and pine products.

We're orbiting Gauda Pine, I mean Prime, here to pick up Blake and Tarrant. And Orac, I suppose. No-one's attacked us yet, probably due to our sheer size and ugliness, plus the GP markings on the side. We're on a GP pine products export freighter, first ship I could lay my hands on. It's the biggest thing I ever stole and gives a whole new meaning to 'grand larceny'.

Our crew is me, Avon, Stark (a not-very-hairy alien), and Harry Sullivan, ship's doctor. Well, ship's crew's doctor to be accurate, though Stark told me his last ship needed a doctor sometimes. We're about to pick up a curly-haired pilot, a fearless burly rebel leader, and a useless collection of electronic parts and flashing lights.

Question: what do we do now? We don't have teleport, and I'm not getting into another shuttle with Avon. We'll have to land this thing. Well, I found it on a plantation getting loaded and filling a whole block. Shouldn't be that hard.

[Edit] Orac says we're not over GP. Avon must have changed course. Well, what do I know, the planet's the same shape as GP. Explains why we're still in one piece though.

Better go and wake Avon...

[Edit] We are at Gauda Prime! Relief: I did program the nav computer right. Worry: people are about to shoot at us. Better raise the force-fields. And start to panic. No, not a good time for that. I know what: I'll tell ground control we're just a freighter here to pick up some pine.

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