December 25th, 2003


Mumak Log 4

Avon did Log 3 from Gauda Prime.

Current situation: I'm on the weapons station just in case, Stark's calmed down (you can only maintain a decent panic for a short time, you know) and Harry's checking the medical supplies. Tarrant's down having a party with some Federation troopers; Avon's pissed off, and Tarrant's just pissed, ha ha. I'm looking forward to getting Tarrant back on board, looks like he's picked up some good habits.

In the meantime I've been searching to see if anyone else survived that mess-up. There's a clue Soolin might've. Hope so. Soolin? If you're out there, get in contact with me or Avon and we can pick you up too. If only Dayna was all right too, we'd have all the crew back.

Servalan's around somewhere too, more's the pity.

[takes a bottle out from a niche under the weapons console and has a quick swig] That's better. These freighter captains do themselves quite well you know.

Mmm, lunch smells like it's ready in the officer's mess. Well-named too after me and Stark making it. I don't think all that nutmeg agreed with him.

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