January 1st, 2005



From theatrical_muse: Do you believe in the possibility of a true friendship between a man and a woman?

Of course! Not much point in restricting your friends to half the people you meet, is there? Besides, it'd be exhausting always thinking about a bit of the other--and painful besides, what with the women I know. And the one I'm bonded to. Not that there's anything wrong with a harmless flirt--it's really only a compliment or a bit of a joke.

When it comes down to it though, I like people for who they are, not what they are.

Cally's one of my best friends, you know. Jenna too; I miss her. And even though Kerril's my bondmate, she's a friend too. Actually, I like women a lot. No, don't laugh, I'm being serious here. With a few exceptions like that snake Servalan, they're better than men. Tough as nails, the ones I know at least, but not cruel with it like some of the bastards I came across in the JD wards and on CF1.

[raises his glass] To friends, whoever they are!