April 18th, 2005


My picks are my pick

From theatrical_muse: What is your most treasured possession, and why?

Well, since it can't be a person--and after all, you never really own a person--I can't say Kerril. So it'd be my lockpicks, the tools of my profession. I've had a few sets in my time, so I include all of them in that.

They got me into school lockers and the staff room and a certain amount of popularity as a kid. They got me into rich Alpha's houses, banks, and corporations, so I never had to do the sort of back-breaking work that Deltas get and that did my mum in, and you might note that I never nicked anything from someone who couldn't afford it. I have my standards, and besides, knocking off some obscenely wealthy bastard or institution for what would probably be the equivalent of a cup of coffee to them set me up for months in the style to which I enjoyed becoming accustomed.

They got me into Central Control too, the high point of a cracksman's career (they said it couldn't be done) and I'm still proud of that even if poor Gan died there. And they got me into the vault on Kezarn and into Kerril's heart. I'd have the force-field probe gilded if the thing hadn't been blown up with the rest of the city by that maniac Bayban.

Then they got me out of that Gauda Prime prison. Don't know where I'd be without my trusty picks. Certainly not here with Kerril, anyway.