May 22nd, 2005


Gone forever

From theatrical_muse: Write a story about trust.

Oh, all right then. I'll tell you about the first time Avon and I went for a stroll on a planet after the Gauda Prime mess.

"All right, keep your wits about you in the town," I said when I opened the airlock.

"Yes, well. One of us should." Avon looked down his nose at me; you know the way he does. "And you appear to have lost most of yours."

I grinned and lowered the ramp. It was almost the old Avon back again these days; you could see by his eyes. "Just watch it, that's all. You grew up in the Alpha levels; you don't know what to look out for."

"I rather think I do. People like you." Avon smiled at me. A real smile, like after that Ultraworld business, not one of those crocodile ones. "However, forewarned is forearmed." He reached for the gun.

I was quicker. "Not so fast, Avon. That's mine." I put in it my holster.

"And I thought you disliked guns."

"I do. I like them less in your hands."

Avon stood still for a moment and his eyes went all dark. You could tell that got to him..

I sighed. Funny that when you want revenge, it isn't much fun when you get it, even by accident. "Come on, mate. I hear they've got ice-cream here."

See, you can forgive someone and be friends with them again, but once trust's gone, it's gone forever.


Always believe six impossible things before breakfast

From theatrical_muse: Which are you more afraid of: Being too gullible and believing things that aren't true, or being too sceptical and missing out on something important?

Um, being too sceptical, I suppose. Look, I've come across a lot of things in this galaxy that you wouldn't read about, so I'd never say I didn't believe something just because it was a bit unlikely. Well, all right, I didn't believe Blake was a bounty hunter, but that was because I did believe in the Blake I knew, see what I mean?

I'd rather think the best of someone till they prove me wrong, or they're trying to kill me or blow up the ship I'm on which always tends to give a bad impression. Besides, it gets a bit depressing if you doubt everything and have to poke it with a sharp stick all the time. Those people are probably the same ones who don't much like fiction. Now me, I'll believe anything for the length of a good story.

But then I'm an escapist. In more ways than one too.