June 27th, 2005


Getting over it

From theatrical_muse: What is the biggest obstacle you have overcome?

Um, the wall around the Juvenile Detention Wards exercise yards?

I suppose you mean something less concrete so to speak. My grade? Except that it certainly never held me back in my chosen profession; I lived very well as a self-employed thief, thank you very much. I was the only Delta on the Liberator and Scorpio, but though I wasn't flavour of the month--or even day--with a couple of crewmembers, I'm not sure my grade was as much a factor as me not being very military or much enjoying the prospect of sudden death (whether causing it or suffering it).

And besides, you said I had to have overcome it. On second thoughts, I'll stick to the wall. Not that I did; I had wire-cutters, you know.