July 10th, 2005


My ideal

From theatrical_muse: What do you look for in a romantic partner?

Well, it used to be that she was within ten years of my age (I'm 34 now, no longer in my prime but just wait three years, ha ha) and fancied me too. The last bit made it a bit difficult, and a long series of rejections over the years meant that I always let the woman make the first move. Or hoped she would. Easier that way. Oh, that doesn't mean I didn't let a woman know I thought she was a bit of all right, but I always turned it into a joke so it wouldn't hurt too much when she laughed at me, or sneered for that matter.

So I was stunned wordless when Kerril put her arms around me and smiled at me and I knew how she wanted to pass what we thought was the last few minutes of our lives. It would've been a good way to go too, if we really had died, though for the sake of propriety and what the next thief to be teleported there might think, we got dressed again afterwards and lay down like nice little corpses with our hands crossed on our chests. Made us giggle a bit, that.

Yes, true, I was the only man on the planet, but that wasn't it. She really did love me (and still does) but I couldn't quite believe it at the time so I took the easy way out. Better to walk away than see her stop when I couldn't be the clever thief on that new world I thought she'd fallen for.

But I found her again and, well, all I look for now in a partner is that she's Kerril.