July 19th, 2005



From theatrical_muse: Describe where you grew up.

I suppose you'd turn your nose up if you saw it, but it was home for me and I still miss it sometimes. Well, I suppose I really miss Mum rather than the place itself.

It was a standard two-room Delta apartment (well, three if you counted the cubicle with shower and loo) and I suppose you could fit the whole thing in my cabin on the Liberator. It had the usual white plasteel walls (best you could say of those is they stayed clean) but Mum stuck bright pictures and hangings from the market all over them till we lived in a colourful clutter full of knick-knacks, some of 'em made or nicked by me. I'd get claustrophobic now, but back then it was our private little world and as bright and exotic as a Goth tent.

Mum had the bedroom (and that's what it was--room for a bed and nothing much else) and I slept on the couch in the other room which was also the kitchen at one end. I loved that room. It smelled of warm toast or vege soup and I always felt safe there. Mum's room smelled of her cosmetics and perfume so if she was out late, I'd go in there and lie on her bed and smell her scent.

There was a tartan rug on the couch to keep it clean which doubled as my blanket at night. It had long tassels and when I was sick or just having a cosy early night in bed, I'd plait them into braids, each one a different colour combination.

On Xenon, I found a tasselled rug for my room even though it was just plain grey. When I was so depressed and lonely I couldn't stand it, I used to curl up under that blanket and close my eyes so I couldn't see its colour and plait the tassels and pretend I was back home.