August 22nd, 2005

faint smile


From theatrical_muse: Write about betrayal

I bet you're expecting something about Malodar or Gauda Prime, aren't you? Look, I'd rather not be that predictable, and anyway one wasn't betrayal (more like cold logic) and the other was a mistake. Besides it'll only upset Avon to bring it all up again. Not really worth it, that.

So instead I'll tell you I've never betrayed anyone. Grassing on someone is the lowest game there is, and in my profession it pays to have standards. Honour among thieves isn't just an expression; if you're going to put your life and freedom on the line you have to be able trust people. Actually, that's why I worked alone, dealt with professional fences and gave them a fair deal, and never let the lads down the pub know my last name.

No point in tempting people needlessly, is there?