October 9th, 2005

faint smile

If wishes were wargs

From theatrical_muse: Most people wish that I...

...would shut up and go away. At least that's how I'd have answered this up till Gauda Prime. It seemed after Blake left I only annoyed people unless I was actually opening a lock or something, and that didn't happen all that often. You might wonder why I did neither. I'm not sure myself. I suppose I kept talking in the hopes I'd get something more than an insult back, and a bit out of sheer stubborn pride, and I never left because, well, I liked these people, even if it seemed they didn't feel the same way about me. Look, it was better than being alone.

It's not like that now. Amazing what a difference not being hounded about the galaxy makes to people, and I suppose me breaking Avon out of that prison and nicking this ship helped too. Anyway, I'm with friends now, most of 'em the same people as before, but they see me a bit differently now.

So I'm not sure how I'd answer it now. Most people wish that I'd be more serious / responsible / less inclined to nap on the flight deck?