October 19th, 2005

faint smile


From theatrical_muse: Who do you need to forgive?

You keep asking me about Avon, don't you? Well, I'm feeling perverse so I'll say Blake.

All right, he probably couldn't help leaving us after the Andromedan war--after all, we were all scattered across the sector because the Liberator was going fairly fast when we bailed in the life pods--but he never came back. We spent a lot of time looking for him too. Not that that year was all that bad. I mean, we drifted about aimlessly but there's nothing wrong with that. One of my favourite pastimes.

Then we lost the Liberator and Cally and the Avon I thought I knew, and I used to look back and remember what it was like with Blake and wished I'd known back then how lucky we were. When Avon said he'd found him, I sheered right up and thought everything would be all right again.

But Blake wasn't the man I remembered. Didn't even look at me, and he said all the wrong things to Avon. All right, he couldn't help any of those things, but it didn't stop it hurting. So I need to forgive him.

And I suppose I do.