October 21st, 2005


Stress relief

From theatrical_muse: What is your favourite way to relax?

Ah, a cheerful question. About time.

I have lots of ways; it's one of my favourite things, relaxing. And harder than you mght think for a rebel who's wanted in all the wrong ways. Let's see...

  • chatting
  • taking a nap, or some rich Alpha's possessions
  • baiting Avon (when he was here)
  • playing games and practical jokes
  • picking practice locks
  • taking long hot baths, or the mickey
  • cracking safes, or jokes
  • putting my feet up, or Avon down
  • sinking billiard balls, or a few cold ones
  • having cheesy toast in the rec room with Kerril
  • lying in bed knowing I'm not on watch for hours
  • watching old vids
  • reading Tarrant's tunic-rippers...
Hard to pick one really. They're all good, but I think I'll go with snuggling up with Kerril.