November 4th, 2005


Here's looking at me, kid

From theatrical_muse: What do you think when you look in the mirror?

"Isn't Kerril lucky to have such a handsome fellow!"

Nah, not really. Joke. I usually don't think of anything at all because I'm only checking that my clothes match, my hair's not sticking up, and I don't have toothpaste on my face. Occasionally I'll stop and have a closer look, and then I think, "Not bad, mate, considering what you've been through." I mean, I still have almost as much hair as when they shipped me off to Cygnus Alpha, and if I look a bit older, well, I am, and I'm still in good nick.

Once, Kerril came up behind me and I said I wasn't sure what she saw in me, and she hugged me and said of course I couldn't because I was looking at me, not her. So I did--well, her reflection anyway--and she said, "There you see? Your face lights up and your eyes go all warm and crinkly." Well, I couldn't of course because I was looking at her. But I can feel my face doing that now, just thinking about it.