November 21st, 2005

faint smile

The pictures of Dorian Gray

From theatrical_muse: Write about this picture.

Reminds me of the paintings on the walls at Xenon base. They puzzled me at first. Dayna and Tarrant thought Dorian might have been an art collector, but believe me, I used to specialise in art and jewellery theft back on Earth, and no one would've collected those unless they wanted to make a DIY calendar--far too realistic and, let's face it, pretty. But then I found the lake in this one just up from the old power station dam (but not the boat) and I asked Soolin. Turned out old Dorian had done a spot of painting a century or so before. I suppose he had the time to develop a hobby and a bit of skill (only a bit), living as long as he did.

We used to joke that there must've been one of him, all ancient and desiccated, in the basement, but we'll never know. They're all gone now, like him, since Dayna blew the base up when we left.

Give me something brighter and more abstract any day. You can fence 'em for more.