December 28th, 2005

faint smile

Dear me

From theatrical_muse: Write a letter to yourself as a child.

It's not as if I'd get it and it'd probably scare me silly knowing what my future was, but why not? I'll have a go.

Dear Vila,

This is me, I mean you, 25 years later. So take heart, mate, you not only lived to what you probably think is an unimaginably old age (older than our mum is now) but you're galaxy-famous and the best thief in it, what's more. You've broken through some of the highest security in the Federation, and there's a planet where you're a hero! Not bad for the runt of the class. Keep up the lockpick practice and I'd like to warn you about a certain loose wire in a bank vault lock but if I did, you mightn't end up here and I wouldn't be me.

Good luck,