January 3rd, 2006



From theatrical_muse: What does "karma" mean to you?

Karma Naidu! Haven't thought of her for years, but I had a big crush on her once. I used to sit behind her in class and admire her long glossy black plaits and her perfect golden face whenever she turned to talk to Jain Kenzi who sat beside her. Most of the time she never really noticed me except when I made her laugh by making jokes in class. (Being the class clown was the only way I could make up for being top of it and it worked too; the teachers hated me. No way anyone could accuse me of being one of their pets.) Karma didn't really laugh though, she'd giggle and hide her mouth and lower her eyelashes and look at me sideways and make me feel I was in a lift going down 10 levels fast.

We had that old bastard Bruss for current affairs which really meant stuffing our heads with Federation propaganda, and one day during the lead up to the Festivals of Light, he caught her with a little red mark on her forehead. She can't've washed it off from the night before when she would've been floating those little prayer candles in a bowl with her family the way some people do. Now they don't mind if us Deltas get pie-faced and rowdy during the festival, but any hint of religion and they see red. So old Bruss ripped into her and she was sitting there with her head down, crying silently, and I dunno, I just wanted to fix it somehow. So I let him have it with all rockets on full power: one joke after another no matter what he said, so that everyone was laughing at him. Never made it through the lesson: he threw me out and gave me detention for that whole last week of term (not much deterrent to me anyway). But it worked: he forgot all about Karma after a blistering attack on me.

She came up afterwards and kissed me on the forehead right where her red mark was and where she said my third eye was, and said I was sweet and saw more with it than I let on. Made it all worthwhile, that did.

I never saw her again after school broke up for the year. She got transferred to a Gamma clerical training college and I escaped a Beta promotion because of my criminal record and ended up in the Juvenile Detention wards (and found I much preferred the other sort). I hope it all worked out for Karma. Wonder what she meant though.