February 1st, 2006

faint smile

Letter to Avon

From theatrical_muse: Write a letter to anyone about anything. Say what you have always wanted to say but have been afraid to.

Found this old one on my epad. I wrote it on Xenon and of course it's out of date now, but I suppose it'll do.


We used to get on all right once, you and me. I know it mightn't've looked that way to others with the way we used to fire insults at each other but we knew it was as much a game as the chess we played. I could see the look in your eyes when I landed a good one. I amused you. Even made you laugh sometimes and not many people could do that.

It's different now. You mean the insults.

I can guess why. I didn't save Cally, but you said no one could've. So the fact I'm here and she isn't is what pisses you off so much, isn't it? The very sight of me's an insult you can't take.

Yeah, it hurts. It hurts me too that she's not here and Blake isn't and the Liberator. Ever thought how you despising me so much feels on top of all that? Wonder why I drink?

Forget it. I can't press send. And Dorian's still got plenty of wine stashed away.
Yeah, that was a bad time I'm glad's long gone. Thanks for reminding me of it. :-(