February 3rd, 2006


Bad luck

From theatrical_muse: Are you superstitious about anything? Is someone you know superstitious?

Not really. Not unless you count people who can't face the day without their makeup or studded leather.

I did know a safecracker once who always carried around an old coin he said was the first thing he ever stole; called it his lucky credit. The thing rolled out of his pocket during a bank job, he crawled under the vault door and managed to get the thing, but when he straightened up, he cracked his head on the door and laid himself out cold. I know this because I nipped into his court case and saw the vid they ran of the whole thing. He was more upset about them taking his so-called lucky credit off him than getting sent to CF1. I'd've been glad to be shot of the thing myself. He'd have got away with that heist if he hadn't had it on him.

Nah, superstition's a load of old cobblers. No matter what you do in this galaxy, you'll get done.