February 13th, 2006


Some of the best things are free

From theatrical_muse: What is the greatest sacrifice you've made for love?

Hmm, let me think. I thought I'd have to give up a lot for Kerril. Things like:

  • Letting rip with the loudest and longest burp I can after a drink or a good curry? Nah, scratch that; Kerril's been known to fit a whole sentence into one belch.
  • Eating pickled onions? Nope, Kerril loves those too and what's more, she doesn't bother with those silly little spiky things my mum used to make me use to hook them out of the jar in company.
  • Lying in bed all day? Hahaha, that one's not even a contender.
  • Freedom? What, the opportunity to be ignored, insulted, or turned down? I miss that one as much as I miss prison.
  • Looking at other women's legs? (Well, it's amazing the way they go all the way up to their bums.) Ah, got one at last. Thought I'd find something. Kerril really doesn't like that. It makes her look at the woman and check if her gun's loaded, even though she knows it is.
Not that I'd say that was much of a sacrifice, not when I get someone who thinks I'm worth hanging on to in return.