February 19th, 2006


Bad joke generator

A selection of puns from the bad joke generator using my LJ ID and interests, along with comments from me.

What's vila_restal's favourite film?
It's Avonderful Life - um, is that a horror film?

What does vila_restal like to wear?
A Banikini - nah, it's Kerril I like in those, and red fur if poss

What is vila_restal's favourite game?
Blakes and Ladders - better than Galactic Monopoly!

Who is vila_restal's favourite poet?
Ogden Cash - witty and accepted everywhere

What sport does vila_restal enjoy?
Escaping-pong - yeah, sounds right, it's never for long

What's vila_restal's favourite film?
Gandhi - its appeal is a bit limited though

What's vila_restal's favourite song?
We Will Lock You - least favourite, actually

What's vila_restal's favourite film?
Raiders of the Lost Stark

What's vila_restal's favourite book?
Wineteen Eighty-Four - a good year!
Not bad, especially the Avon and Blake ones!