March 27th, 2006

faint smile

One of those days

From theatrical_muse: It was one of those days…

First of all, I got up late, if you can call 2am late. Well, it is when you’re pulling a night job. Then I saw the transporter just disappearing round the corner and decided to walk rather than wait an hour for the next one, and that’s a bad move in a new pair of suede sneakers you haven’t walked in, I'll tell you, so by the time I got to the bank I was limping. And sweating, so that I dropped my kit on the foot without the blister while I was getting out the right tool.

I should have turned around right then and gone home.

The outside lock was a doddle, but I could tell right off that the vault door needed a good overhaul; it’s terrible the lack of pride some people take in their work: wires in a big tangle and corroded too, what’s more. I really shouldn’t have risked it, but I thought, I’ve started so I might as well finish, so I cut the alarm circuit and went to splice the security check one so the random code I put in would pass as a high level one, and there was a big flash of light and next thing I knew, I was coming round with three troopers looking down at me with in my opinion uncalled-for hostility. I’d been blown across the room to bash my head on the customer safe-deposit boxes. I tried to tell them about the shocking, ha ha, state of workmanship on that lock, but they weren’t all that sympathetic.

I thought I’d just get a nice all-expenses-paid trip to an exotic planet with rocky scenery and too much barbed wire, but that was when I made my last mistake. This old bag called Alta Morag was assigned to my case and I thought I’d soften her up with a harmless flirt--bit of a novelty in her life, you’d think--but the old trout had no sense of humour at all. Sent me straight to Cygnus Alpha.

Some days you’re better off staying in bed.