March 28th, 2006


Who, me?

From theatrical_muse: Write about an overheard remark you weren’t supposed to hear.

I think I’ll ignore the one on that overloaded shuttle about how much I weighed and go for the time on Xenon base when I came into the lounge and heard Soolin saying to Dayna, “Oh, I agree he’s a fool, but he’s very cute all the same.” Dayna looked up and saw me and poked Soolin and they both shut up and pretended they were just cleaning their guns.

Here’s the thing though: it could have been me or Tarrant they were talking about, but I couldn’t very well ask, not with those two. Besides, I didn’t really want to. I needed something, even a back-handed compliment like that, to hang on to in those days, and it added a bit of interest, trying to work out who Soolin was less cool with.

For what it’s worth, I think it was me. But then I would.