March 30th, 2006


Playing the fool

From theatrical_muse: Did you ever intentionally make a complete fool of yourself?

Of course! Offence is the best defence they say, and I learned young to put the boot in first. Besides, get them laughing at you and they don’t see you as a threat. Course, there’s a price.

The worst time was in orbit over Malodar after Avon and I had been down to see Egrorian. I dunno what got into Avon that day; he was cheerful and laughing and even patted me on the cheek, but what the hell, I thought, enjoy it while you can. I thought things were looking up, you see, and I let it go to my head. So there I was on the flight deck, playing the role of an idiot pretending to be a physicist like that creep Egrorian and making Dayna and Soolin laugh. But you know, they were laughing because they believed the act, and it still rankles. What, they thought I was that stupid? But at the time, I just kept going, getting more and more ridiculous, and still they still didn’t twig. It wasn’t the worst thing that happened that day, not by a long chalk (whatever that is) but it added to how bloody worthless I felt afterwards.

And they wonder why I drank all of Dorian’s booze.