May 3rd, 2006


Living dangerously

From theatrical_muse: What is the most dangerous thing you have ever done?

Got born. Look, there I was, in a nice warm dark place, everything I needed on tap, but what did I do? I got shoved out into a cold place full of light and cold and noise and freedom and all sorts of other new and strange things and it was all downhill from there. Mind you, I wouldn't choose otherwise. I rather like being alive, even when people I don't even know (and one or two I do for that matter) are trying to kill me. I mean, think of the alternative.

I don't know though, I've done so many insanely dangerous things, I'd be hard pushed to pick one, but I suppose you could say most of them start from deciding to join Blake. Not that it looked that dangerous at the time. Look, what would you do: pick the rocky planet full of religious maniacs, or the huge getaway spaceship with the relatively friendly rebels and the well-equipped galley and medical unit? I rest my case.