May 26th, 2006


My mum

From theatrical_muse: Write about a mother (your own or someone else's).

My mum was the best thing that happened to me, and she used to say the same thing about me. Sometimes I found that a bit hard to believe, especially when I got caught and they tried to reprogram me, because that was always a bit of a worry for her. Aged her, it did. She wasn't that keen on my choice of career, but once she got sick from that chemical factory job she had, there wasn't a lot else a 12-year-old boy could do to be the bread winner stealer. But even though she didn't like what I did, she still thought I was the best son she could ever have.

Kerril once said that she wished she'd known my mum, because she knew there had to be some great and good person in my life to make me what I am. I hope that wherever my mum is, she knows that.