June 18th, 2006


Very comfortable

From theatrical_muse: What does 'comfort' mean to you?

Warmth (both kinds), friends to talk to (and it's a bonus if they listen), food, drink, safety. Well, for the moment anyway, you can't ask for too much. Arms around me when I'm sad, though till I found Kerril again, all I had was memories of her and, long ago, my mum. A warm, soft, purring kitten on my lap and the same feeling in my chest.

Actually, I'm quite comfortable now thanks, but I've got a lot to make up for. Actually, now I think of it, 'comfortable' means 'able to be comforted', and I'm always ready for more.


Something bigger

From theatrical_muse: Loyalty

Bit overrated if you ask me, at least if it's all on one side. I mean, I never grassed on me mates and they returned the favour; honour among thieves and all that. Avon though, he called himself an embezzler, and I used to say that was just a fancy name for thief, but after he used us, abused us (well, mostly me, let's be honest) and tried to throw me out of a shuttle, I decided he was right all along. Not one of your ordinary decent criminals after all.

But you know,. it was Blake I originally gave my loyalty to, even if he and the others never realised it. Gave me something bigger than me to believe in, and in the end, it was bigger than Blake. So even if he changed by the time we found him on Gauda Prime, I can still believe that one day someone will achieve the things he wanted, and maybe some of the things I did helped along the way. I hope so.

And I can always remember Blake and Avon the way they were.