June 27th, 2006


Fun and games underground

This was nicer than some dungeons I've been in. I mean, stone statues dedicated to napping, the sound of snoozing (and Soolin though it probably wan't her) in the distance, and supplies of adrenaline and soma? I was disappointed in the lack of gold, though I wouldn't mind betting the stuff goes black overnight.

I escaped from the Dungeon of Vila Restal!

I looted the Wand of Cash, the Dagger of Londo Mollari, the Axe of Role-playing, the Crown of Followavalon, a Figurine of Bekforfreedom, a Figurine of Alien Oracle, the Sword of Vila Restal, a Figurine of Galaxygab, the Shield of T Cardiel, the Armour of Fun, the Sword of Olag Gan and 18 gold pieces.

Score: 243

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