July 16th, 2006


Lame excuses

From theatrical_muse: What is the lamest excuse you've ever given for something you've done?

Um, too many to have a clear winner, I suspect. Let's see...

  • I wanted something from my deposit box after banking hours.
  • I got confused.
  • I was having a nap. (While I was on flight deck watch, yeah, that one was inspired.)
  • I've got a weak chest.
  • I've got a weak stomach. (Well, that and meteor storms not going that well with a macaroni cheese binge.)
  • That trans-dimensional alien made me do it. (And it did, too. You think I'd voluntarily get drunk in a Terra Nostra stronghold with a million credits on my head?)
  • (To explain why I completely lost it on Exbar) I was locked in a fridge when I was little. (True, but it didn't help one bit. And actually, I'm still ashamed about that whole affair.)
  • I found it stuck in one of your men. (Also true as it happens.)
  • Avon's been a bit stressed lately. (All right, that one wasn't about me, but it was about as successful as the others.)
There you are. Take your pick.