September 12th, 2006


Books fly better than pigs

From theatrical_muse: Select the words of your choice and complete the scene

I'm strolling past a door and a book whistles past my head. I immediately realise that Avon's found that tunic-ripper of Tarrant's I played around with the cover of so it showed Blake in brown velvet going into a clinch with Avon in white silk with a rather low décolletage.

"Vila? I know it was you."

"Why, thank you! That means you realise I'm the only one with the forgery skills."

"No. It means I know you're the only one with such low taste. You little--" and he reaches for me with such a mean gleam in his eye I decide to head for the hills the flight deck where Cally's on duty.

Cally disapproves of mindless violence. A few choice explosions in a Federation facility, yes, but she tends to think the crew shouldn't actually attack each other. And when she frowns at Avon who's hot-foot after me in his high-heeled boots and he shows her the offending book, she smiles. "White suits you, Avon. It compliments your complexion. You should wear it more often."

He glares at us both and goes off in a sulk to probe something in the computer room. I only hope he doesn't take it out on poor Zen.