October 2nd, 2006


Rebel rabble

From theatrical_muse: Have you ever rebelled? If you have, how did you do it?

[hollow laugh] Would you like a list?

  • Refusing to eat meat once I found it came from animals. Well, that and the fact that the stringy stuff Deltas get triggered my gag reflex.
  • Turning down a promotion to Beta grade because I wouldn't have been allowed to see my mum again. I was well out of that; it would've been far too much like hard work.
  • Deciding to be a thief instead. OK, it's more dangerous than office work, but the hours are better.
  • Going outside the dome (a category four offence) to escape various bullies, some of them the law.
  • Hiding behind a mental force wall so they couldn't reprogram me into a nice little citizen.
  • Breaking out of CF1 (correctional facility 1) and nicking a freighter to get away (biggest thing I ever stole).
  • Buying an grade 4 ignorance rating (= can hardly read) from a friend in the testing centre to avoid amnesty and retraining as a Space Fleet pilot.
  • Objecting to every mission Blake sent me on and sodding off to Freedom City with Avon. I should get extra points for that one: rebelling against a rebel!
  • Wearing trainers with suede.
  • Becoming a ship owner (nine tenths and all that) after the mess on Gauda Prime and trading pine and fine pine products. Well, let's face it, that's a rebellion against the rest of my life. Oh, all right, I admit it, it's just a cover.