October 15th, 2006



From theatrical_muse: What keeps you up at night?

It's usually night in space, unless you're near a sun, but I know what you mean. All right, another list it is.

  • First of all, being on night watch, though some people might deny it. Look, they're power naps and I can snap out of them just like that.

  • Nightmares. I've had them most of me life. I'll be back at school with the bullies after me, or in the juvie detention wards hiding from the reprogrammers. or trying to get Cally out of that base on Terminal, or in that shuttle or the tracking gallery on Gauda Prime. Enough said.

  • The dry horrors, though I find a couple of glasses of water before bed after a drinking session usually helps.

  • Being shot at by Federation pursuit ships.

  • Worrying that I might be.

  • Raiding the leftovers in the galley. Nothing like a bit of curry or cheesy toast in the small hours when you wake up peckish.

  • Kerril :-)