November 19th, 2006



From theatrical_muse: What do your ancestors mean to you?

This one's a bit hard because I have no idea who they are. See, my mum was found as a baby on Restall Street, and yes, they misspelled that on her papers. All I know about my father is that he was called Vila too, and he was charming and sweet and funny and I take after him; mind you she only knew him the one night. Mum told me she was going to abandon me too after I was born because she was only 18 and I was a bit unexpected, but she fell for me when she saw me. And that's enough for me.

As for ancestors, the strange thing about them is family trees are usually shown upside down with the trunk at the top, but if you look at it the other way, it is a tree. I mean, start from me. I have two parents, they have two each, making it four, the next level is 16 and so on. It doesn't take long before you've got more ancestors that would fit on Earth let alone the galaxy. The only explanation has to be lots of overlap: they're all related to each other if you go back a bit, which means at some point Avon and I are.

Wonder if I ought to tell him. Right when he's doing something delicate on a circuit might be fun.