November 22nd, 2008


Sober in charge of a brain

From theatrical_muse: What's the most embarrassing thing you've ever done while sober?

That lets me out of a lot! In fact, that's a hard one to answer.

I think I'll go for the stupid clowning around I did with Dayna and Soolin during that Malodar mess. I was technically sober since I hadn't been drinking, but like Avon, I was pretty high on the whole idea of getting an unbeatable super weapon from that creep Egrorian, and I let it go to my head. I mean, it was bad enough that I went on to Avon, of all people, about having a palace with a diamond floor (bloody hard on the feet, and not that flattering lighting either, a reflective floor) and my Royal Mountie guard in red fur, but then I had to try and make Dayna and Soolin laugh. Well, they did, but they were laughing at me, and it still makes me cringe to remember it. Thing is, they actually believed I thought I was an expert on theoretical physics and was helping poor old Avon into the shallow water from out of his depth. I did realise pretty quickly that they were taking the whole act at face value, but my stupid pride kicked in, and I just kept laying it on even thicker in the hopes they'd get it was a joke.

They didn't.

And what that said about what they though of me hurt almost as much as Avon trying to space me.



From theatrical_muse: How would you go about scaring someone?

Depends on who it is, doesn't it?

With Avon, I'd break into his room and move things about subtly, leave his probes on the flight deck or in his sock drawer, and talk about things he hadn't done as if he had, and he'd forgotten. Losing his mind would probably frighten him the most.

I wouldn't do that to Blake though, because he has, and I know what that's like too, not that it ever took with me. Course, Avon'd say I didn't have a brain to wash. Nah, with Blake, I'd teleport a dog onto the ship. He doesn't like 'em. Animals make him nervous because he can't control them; at least that's my guess. Or he got bitten when he was little (hard to imagine as that is).

Tarrant would be easy: I'd blacken a couple of teeth and leave a fake one or two in his bed so he'd think they'd come loose in the night. He's the sort who'd be terrified of losing his teeth (and I think people have nightmares about that cos of it being all metaphorical and all, teeth standing for weapons and power and that) and besides, he's got such a dazzling set.

I'm not sure how I'd scare the girls. I doubt it's possible.