October 14th, 2009

faint smile

Posty poll

Yeah, I know, I haven't posted for months.

I gave up on the theatrical_muse prompts as a way of thinking up stuff to post a while back because they were either not exactly relevant to my life as a space-going thief of unusual talent, or just plain boring. (And don't say that matches me well, Avon, because I'm not doing anything boring, no matter how much I am.) Besides, they throw you out if you don't post for a month and it's been a lot of those.

Maybe I should do some more memes? Anyone still reading this journal thingy, let me know about the sort of thing you'd like to see.

Poll #1470936 Posty poll

What should Vila do?

Surveys (ones that aren't for school kids in North America)
Any theatrical_muse prompts that appeal even though they've probably chucked me out of the comm; in fact I'm sure they have
Something else (see next question)

Any suggestions here!