Vila Restal (vila_restal) wrote,
Vila Restal

Arms and the Thief

From theatrical_muse: What makes you angriest?

I don't get angry. Not much point really. Let me explain with a little story from back when we were on the Liberator.

Arms and the Thief

"Move your useless carcase, Vila." Dayna shoved my legs off the couch and sat down. "You're a waste of space, you know that?"

I could see Cally looking at us so I did his best to show it didn't bother me. "Volume, actually."

"You really are a spare part, aren't you?"

Dayna was smiling like the little predator she was. Cally compressed her lips but she didn't say anything. She told me once that she'd tackled Avon about Dayna and Tarrant, but Avon had just shrugged and said that if I couldn't take care of himself, it was about time I learned.

"No he's not," said Tarrant. "A spare part is at least potentially valuable."

Cally frowned and said, "Vila is very useful."

"What as?" Dayna twisted round to look at her. "A thief? We haven't needed one the whole time I've been on this ship."

I said bitterly. "I was on the neutron blasters before you came along."

"You!" Dayna stared at me. "You couldn't hit a gas giant!"

"He was very good, actually," said Cally.

Tarrant laughed. "There you are, Dayna! Vila's a spare for you. Now doesn't that make you feel valued?"

I got up. "All right," I said. "I know when I'm not wanted. I can take a hint."


Cally found me in the galley (and I'm ignoring that rhyme) having a few. "That won't help."

"It does, actually. Takes the edge right off reality."

Cally took my glass, sniffed it, and firmly put it right out of reach. "Where did you get this anyway?"

"Wouldn't you like to know."

Cally put her chin on her hand."Why don't you ever get angry, Vila?"

"What's the point?"

"Properly used, anger can be a good weapon."

"Nah. Just leads to escalation. Besides," I smiled ruefully, "everyone else is better armed."
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