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  • Jan. 7th, 2009 at 3:18 PM

From theatrical_muse: Which words would you like to see added to/removed from common use?

Not that I have any say (as usual), but here's a list of words and phrases I'd like to see go.

  • grade, delta, bond slave, and anything to do with ranking people
  • readjustment, brain-washing, and reprogramming unless you're doing it to a computer
  • human resources - we're not resources, we're people if you haven't noticed. And that means you too, Blake
  • with all due respect - this is always a lie
  • folk - not the music (werl, not really) but using it for people. It sounds, I dunno, folksy and that's almost never right. Not in my galaxy anyway.
  • fool - that'd improve Avon's repertoire of insults

Added? That's a lot harder.
  • vilafication for unwarranted attacks on my intelligence
  • blaked for when something's been blown up or sabotaged or just generally stuffed
  • acquisition engineer - my preferred professional designation

How's that?