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Vila Restal's Journal

Babblings of a space-going thief

Vila Restal
10 February

Disclaimer: This is an in-character journal based on the BBC science fiction TV series Blake's 7. Vila Restal is a thief. Any interests pertaining to that are his and not mine; I do not advocate theft.

Hello, I'm Vila Restal, one of the famous group of rebels known as Blake's 7 and best thief in the galaxy. That's no boast--after all, I got into Central Control and they said that was impregnable. [pause, momentarily distracted by that word] Pity it was empty--well, except for Servalan and her pet one-eyed human attack dog, Travis. It was all downhill from there now I think of it.

What else can I tell you? I mean, apart from my larcenous genius, what is there? I was only ever valued for that, and not that much either. Take that away, and what have you got? A funny little coward, that's what they all think of me.

Before Dayna came along, I was also the weapons officer on the Liberator. You might think that's odd for someone who hates violence (esp when the victim's me) but it doesn't feel the same firing the neutron blasters at an image on a screen, and anyway they were shooting at me and it always feels personal when someone tries to kill me. I've never been able to shoot someone in person though. Soolin tried to teach me but the closest I got was stunning a Federation guard and even then I had to shut my eyes.

I was born and brought up a Delta service grade, but work's a dirty word in my book, so I went into crime at an early age. Better pay and good hours too. Pity there was a loose wire in that bank vault lock and I got blown across the room and knocked meself out on the safe deposit boxes. They tried yet again to wash, condition, and rinse my brain and turn me into a good little citizen but it never works on me so they shipped me off to Cygnus Alpha. The rest is history. Vila Restal, reluctant rebel, one of Blake's Seven. For what it's worth--looking back, not much.

Spent most of my time terrified witless (and at time worse) or bored. They called me a coward, but a real one would've bolted long ago. Nah, I'm just sensibly cognizant of danger, me.

My interests are: breaking into vaults, cracking safes, cuddles, drink, fun, games, opening locks, puns, puzzles, riddles, staying alive, wine, witty banter, wordplay

Vila is love